About me

I love my job.

I am a Doula, a Prenatal Educator with Hypnobirthing, Breastfeeding Consultant, Babywearing Educator, Transpersonal Therapist, Meditation, Mindfulness, Family Constellations, Bach Flowers Therapist

My path in the Transpersonal Therapy started a day in May. A strong anxiety crisis made me realise this feeling was me, it was emerging from me. Not from outside or someone doind this to me. It was me who was experiencing this. Finally, I put my soberb in a side and I asked for help.

Also, when I got pregnant my curiosity about this creative period grew incredibly. The state of mind of the mum influences in the developement of the baby, in a emotional, psycological and physical way.

That is why I became a Breastfeeding consultant and doula and I was collaborating for free in Amamarbb fo 5 years, helping others mums to feel better with workshops, one to one conversations and in Whatsapp group.

Some more about me.

training eugeniathomsen.com

I have been trained and I help in this areas:


Prenatal Educator with HYPNOBIRTHING

Transpersonal Therapy Expert
Breasfeeding Consultant
Babywearing Educator
Conscious Education
Family Constellations
Mindfulness (adults and children)
Bach flowers

Doula Eugenia Thomsen

If you are pregnant and you are looking for emotional support and information during your pregnancy, labour and pospartum I can help you, I am a DOULA.


If you are a mum and need support I have a group where you can find it.

We can meet up

I accompany my International clients in my consultation in San Pedro de Alcántara (Marbella), online or at their home if the live in this area.

Can I help you?