Do you have problems with breastfeeding?

It is possible you had an idea of what a perfect breastfeeding was, and now all your ideas felt down.

Doubts, insecurities, pain, sore, redness… there are many issues at the beginning of breastfeeding and all along. It is very important to feel supported by someone who does not juge you but has all the information and tools you need to deal with.

Lactation is sociocultural based, it helps to have a lot of doubts about it, there are thousands of inherited myths without any scientific basis.

Some of the problems you can find during breastfeeding

Nipple cracks, Baby do not poop, not weight gaining, poop are green, not enough peeing, you think you do not have enough milk, baby sleeps too much or baby does not sleep enough, baby is eating aaaaall the day long, you already has had mastitis, boobs becomes really hard and painful, obstructions, tongue tie…

Those are some of the most common problems you can find with during breastfeeding and I can help you to handle with them.

Check the position of your arm. Your baby’s neck must lay on your wrist.

Baby’s nose must be in front of your nipple. When your baby opens wide the mouth. You push your baby to you.

Does it hurt? If it does, it is the signal that something is wrong. May be you would like me to help you.

It does not hurt and your baby is latching correctly.

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Some of the most common problems you can find during breastfeeding

Nipple cracks are wounds induced by the constant touch with the hard pallet or the gum. This means baby is not biting properly.

I can help you to put your baby in the right position to have a deeper bite and help the tissues to heal and have no pain.

Often, it happens during first days after the birth. The most of the times it is solve increasing the times the baby eats. It is fundamental baby poops the meconium. If there still is rest of meconium in baby’s bowel there are high possibilities to have jaundice. I can explain you how to reduce the jaundice and if there is any side issues about.

Mastitis during breastfeeding is caused to milk accumulation in the boob.  Symptoms are similar to flu and you can have high fever. It is fundamental to empty the boob; I will teach you how to do it and also y check if there is any collateral issue that needs to be solved

Tongue tie gives a lot of difficulties for breastfeeding. Baby is not able to do the entire movement to suck and to swallow comfortably and correctly. It is translate into nipple cracks and mastitis to mum. It can also occur a poor weight gaining or not gaining at all. I can check if your baby has a tongue tie, I have many years of experience and several certifications.

There is no limit in the age. The WHO recommends to breastfeed at least 2 years, being in an exclusive way till 6 months. After that age, it is your decision and your baby’s one when you want to stop.

When a mum decides to stops breastfeeding usually is not an easy issue. Doubts, guilty or being a bad mother are most of the common feelings arising with this decision. That is why so important to be well informed and accompanied to be able to do it in a progressive and respectful way to your baby and with yourself. I can help.

Often, many people think they have the right to give their opinion while you are feeding your baby, and of course, they know more than you and they usually remember you how wrong you are.

You do not need more doubts about yourself and be reminded how wrong you are. You need self-confidence and to know what is really wrong and really good for you and your baby.

I am available for you to make you feel supported, warm and my professionalism.


I have been helping mums for nearly 10 years. My child has been breastfed until he turned to 5 years old and also I have an University certification in lactation.

Can I help you?