Family Contellations

An Overview of Family Constellations

Your name is the same as someone else’s in your family. You repeat the same patterns as others in your family. You have inherated an illness. Your relationship to money or your health is complex.

You can’t make a decision when confronted with a situation that has happened to you before. You feel that you are stuck in a loop or even that there is a family secret taht nobody talks about.

“With love, only with love, it is not enough. Things have to be in order”

Bert Hellinger

Accordingly, love has to be ordered within the family system.

Yes, you may have felt very loved, but something does not fit.

With this tool – Familly Constellations – the pieces of the puzzle are put in place so that love flows.

We can have an individual session in person or by Whatsapp or Skype. Or we can organize a group session.

Can I constellate only the family?

There are many issues you can constellate; an illness, a team at work, someone at work, a problem, an idea, a part of your past, someone from your past. This is called Systemic Movements.

We can do it in individual sessions, with toys, papers on the floor, and other… or in a workshop with many people.

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